POWER DYN. PDV550 Matrix

1,285.00 KM

100 Voltno- 5X50 Watno pojačalo sa “matrix” funkcijom slanja različitih audio signala na 5 odvojenih zona.



This five-channel PA system offers the possibility to send music or announcements to five desired zones. The matrix amplifier features four aux and two high level inputs along with two microphone connections of which microphone-1 mutes the other inputs. With the zone selection switches each input could be assigned to each of the five zones. The volume in the individual zone may be controlled centrally with this zone mixer. The system is designed for applications such as paging, announcements, intercommunications, background music, broadcasting in industrial plants etc.

  • 5x50W Matrix amplifier with an excellent sound
  • Widely useable thanks to the matrix function
  • Options for speaker outputs: 8 ohms, 70V and 100V
  • Protection: Overload, overheat, overvoltage and slowstart
  • Individual level controls on each channel
  • Bass and treble controls
  • 19″ Mounting option with the brackets