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Korg LP-180 WH je digitalni klavir bogatog zvuka, modernog dizajna, sa stalkom i tri pedale. Električni klavir za učenike, po pristupačnoj cijeni.



Standard model that solidly delivers the basics There are several crucial points in choosing a digital piano, such as the design, for instance. The slim, stylish body of the LP-180 comes in your choice of black or white, ensuring that it will fit unobtrusively into your room layout and decor. Another crucial point which has not been overlooked is the sound. KORG is internationally famous as a manufacturer of studio quality synthesizers and keyboards, and its acclaimed grand piano sounds are built into the LP-180. It goes without saying that all of the basics, including the keyboard, pedals, playing feel, and sound, are just as solid as you would expect from KORG with its more than fifty years of experience as a manufacturer of electronic instruments. If you choose the LP-180, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice. Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard faithfully reproduces an acoustic piano touch and feel Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard is accurately weighted like a traditional piano, with a heavier touch in the lower ranges and becoming progressively lighter in the higher registers. Three levels of Key Touch Control allow the keyboard response to be matched to nearly any playing style, preserving all of the subtle expression of the original performance. Ten different high-quality sounds, plus Reverb and Chorus effects Ten different expressive and high-quality sounds are built in, including piano, electric piano, vibraphone, pipe organ, and strings. There’s also a reverb effect that adds reverberation and depth to the sound, and a chorus effect that gives the sound a spacious feel for enjoyable playing. The three-pedal unit that’s indispensable for classical piano performance The pedals are indispensable for piano performance, and the LP-180 comes standard with the same three-pedal unit as an acoustic piano: damper, soft, and sostenuto. The damper and soft pedals also support half-pedal operation, allowing you to express the nuances that are important when practicing classical piano. Since there are two headphone jacks, you’ll be able to enjoy lessons at any time. Slim, stylish design The slim LP-180 is a mere 27 centimeters in depth, allowing it to be placed anywhere. In a first for KORG’s instruments of this class, a keyboard cover is provided, allowing the instrument to elegantly blend into any room when you’re not playing it. Although it’s slim and stylish, the body design also projects a sense of stability. Equipped with a keyboard cover-the first model in this class for KORG Two headphone jacks allow for private practice

Dodatne informacije

Model LP-180
Garancija 1
New label Ne
Specifikacija Color Variations: Black (LP-180-BK), White (LP-180-WH) Keyboard: 88 keys (A0–C8), NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) Keyboard Touch Selection: Light, Normal, Heavy Pitch: Transpose, Fine tuning Sound Generation: Stereo Piano System Maximum Polyphony: 120 voices (60 voices in case of Stereo) Sounds: 10 Acoustic Piano x 2, Electric Piano x 2, Harpsichord, Clavi, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Electric Organ, Strings Effects: Reverb and Chorus (The effect depth is fixed for each sound.) Demo Songs: 10 (1 per sound) *Please click SoundCloud button, which is cloud mark in the upper right-hand corner to listen to all songs. Pedals: Pedal unit (Damper*, Soft*, Sostenuto) *Half-pedaling supported Connections: Headphones x 2 (Stereo mini jack type, also used as an audio output) MIDI OUT Pedal unit connector Controls: Power, Volume, PIANO PLAY (for Selecting Demo Song), SOUND (for Selecting Sound) Amplification: 11 W x 2 Speakers: Oval (16 cm – 8 cm) x 2 Power Supply: DC 20 V, AC adapter (included) Power Consumption: 13W Dimensions: (W x D x H) 1,365 × 274 × 781 mm / 53.74 × 10.79 × 30.75 inches (including Stand) Weight: 23.3 kg / 51.37 lbs (including Stand, but excluding pedal unit) Accessories: AC adapter, Stand, Pedal unit, Pedal cord * All product, company, and standard names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. * Appearance and specifications of products are subject to change without notice.