179.00 KM

Titania dvostruki laser je crveno-zeleni laser koji kreira 12 različitih gobo efekata, sa daljinskom kontrolom.



The Titania Double laser is a Red and Green plug and play laser unit that creates 12 different gobo effects. The Red and Green laser includes an IR remote control for wireless control and to switch between sound-activated or auto programs mode. Suitable for discos, pubs, nightclubs, family party’s etc.

Red (150mW) and Green (50mW) laser
IR remote control
Laser with 12 gobos
Pre programmed shows
Sound activated
Auto mode with adjustable speed
Additional Information

Laser Class 3B
Laser Red 150mW @ 650nm
Laser Green 50mW @ 532nm
Power supply 12Vdc / 1000mA
Dimensions 105 x 85 x 45mm
Weight 0.5kg
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