349.00 KM

Aktivni 10″-200W Hi Fi Subwoofer kako za home aplikacije tako i za upotrebu u clubovima, barovima, kafićima i kongresnim dvoranama.



Through downfiring (subwoofer on the bottom) this subwoofer, with a frequency range of 20-200 Hz, produces more bass sound. The crossover frequency is adjustable between 50 ~ 150Hz. The subwoofer takes care of the frequencies below the set value and thus relieves the other speakers in the system. The phase is to adapt, where you can choose from 0° or 180°. The stereo RCA input or standard speaker terminals can be connected to a receiver or amplifier. The subwoofer rests on four legs.

Active system with 25cm (10″) subwoofer for 200W max. performance
Downfiring subwoofer in a heavy, low resonance chassis for clean bass
Phase control
Bass reflex design
Adjustable crossover frequency for optimal sound quality

ystem Active subwoofer
Power max. 200W
Frequency response 20Hz – 200Hz
Woofer 10″
Input sensitivity 88dB +/-2dB
Cabinet volume 0.061
Dimensions 380 x 330 x 330mm
Weight 10kg