Vrati na 100V pojačala


497.00 KM

60/90W, 100V pojačalo/mikseta, 4xMIC/LINE balansirani ulazi I 3 LINE AUX, tape out, phantom power, izlazI 100v/70v/50v i 4 Ohma.



Protection circuit for the speakers against overload and short circuit
Led Power indicator
Led level indicator
Main volume control
Separate volume control for inputs from 1 to 5
Low and high tone control
Ground connection screw
Four mic/line microphone with XLR (Phantom24V)
Three AUX inputs rear switchable
Main in/out function
Four outputs amongst which one at 4 ohm constant impedance and the other three at constant voltage (25/50/100V)
TAPE OUT output on RCA
Power switch selector 230V/117Vca
24Vdc emergency power supply
Supplied by Proel with brackets for rack mounting purposes
Rack mount brackets included
Microphone input with priority function and apt to receive microphone stand BM100 and BMGONG chime