Vrati na Harmonike


3,850.00 KM


The new BRAVO series boasts a redesigned treble grille which is both modern and appealing. The new technical development SILENTKEY minimizes irritating key noise by means of an improved keyboard mounting.

New register switches with pleasing haptics optimize contact with the instrument and ensure security and comfort when shifting between registers. In addition, the anodized bass mechanism guarantees almost wear-free operation of finger sliders. The new BRAVO series comes with an improved, extra stable gigbag with ergonomically shaped grip.

As has been the case for many years, these accordions are built on original HOHNER machines by a factory in Jiangyin, China, which works exclusively for HOHNER. Compliance with the high quality requirements is ensured by skilled staff trained by Hohner and is controlled by Hohner in Trossingen.



Model Bravo III 120
Reed plate quality standard
number of notes 41
Class chromatic
Piano keys 41
lowest note F
highest note A
Voices 3
Tone colors 5
Number of registers 7
Standard basses 120
Standard bass voices 4
Standard bass registers 3
Size (height x width) 48 cm x 18,5 cm
weight 9,2 kg
Straps straps
Case Gig Bag