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Daddario EXP45

25.00 KM



Daddario EXP45 Coated, Normal Tension.


EXP45, normal tension, is D’Addario’s best selling classical set, preferred for its balance of rich tone, comfortable feel and dynamic projection.

D’Addario EXPs are the most natural-sounding, longest-lasting coated strings available. EXP Coated Technology starts with the highest quality wrap wire materials, precision drawn and micro coated on our advanced proprietary machinery. The ultra-fine layer of EXP Coating is bonded to the silver-plated copper wrap wire which is then wound onto a multi-filament core. The result is a built-in barrier against the corrosion and wear that can quickly sap the life out of your strings and your sound. EXP coated silver-plated copper classical strings have a natural round wound feel and sound fresh and bright with a „new string tone“ that lasts three to four times longer than traditional guitar strings.

EXP Coated version of D’Addario’s most popular classical string; known for quality, consistency and a warm yet projecting tone
Part of the renowned D’Addario Pro-Arte series with highly accurate, laser sorted treble strings
EXP Coating provides 3-4 times longer string life
Normal tension, Clear Nylon, Non-Ball End
Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
Tension Chart

Diameter Tension
Item # Note Inches mm lbs kg
J4501 E 0.0280 0.7112 16.230 7.360
J4502 B 0.0322 0.8180 12.040 5.460
J4503 G 0.0403 1.0236 11.880 5.390
EXP4504 D 0.0280 0.7100 12.360 5.610
EXP4505 A 0.0350 0.8890 13.850 6.280
EXP4506 E 0.0440 1.1176 14.690 6.660