Vrati na LED Rasvjeta


497.00 KM

Veoma kompaktan moving head sa širokom primjenom. 12W CREE LED proizvodi beam od 13°.
Posjeduje točak sa 7 boja + bijela i 7 Gobos plus open opcija.
Daljinac uključen u cijenu.



A very compact Panther moving head with bright output. The 12W CREE LED produces a 13° beam. The moving head is equipped with both a colour and gobo wheel for ultimate control. The gobo wheel has 7 different gobos + open and the colour wheel has 7 colours + white. This Panther moving head works in DMX, stand-alone mode or with IR control. When operating in DMX mode you can choose 3 DMX channels modes.

Single white 12W CREE LED
5, 9 or 11 DMX channels
DMX and Stand-alone mode
Master/slave synchronization
7 Gobos + open beam
Gobo shake effect
7 Colours + white
7 pre-programmed shows
IR remote control
Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
Auto mode with adjustable speed
Adjustable strobe speed
0-100% Dimmer
Manual focus

Head movement:Pan 540°
Head movement:Tilt 230°
No. of colours 7 Colors + white
No. of gobos 7 fixed GOBOs + open
No. of LEDs 1 x 12W CREE
Strobe 1~10 t/s
DMX channels 5 / 9 / 11
Power supply 220-240Vac – 50Hz
Dimensions 150 x 160 x 240mm
Weight 2.8kg